2011 $1 Uncirculated Parks Canada Centennial Loonie x1

$20.00 $25.00

  • Listing is for one (1) coin.
  • Coin uncirculated from RCM Roll
  • Ships from British Columbia


Celebrate Parks Canada’s 100th anniversary with this legendary $1 commemorative circulation coin. The Dominion Parks Branch—known today as Parks Canada—was founded in 1911, and mandated to conserve Canada’s unrivalled wilderness for Canadians to explore and enjoy. By creating the world’s first national parks system, Canada has made nature conservation a prized Canadian value and inspired countries around the world to protect their unique wilderness regions. For a century, Parks Canada has remained the dedicated steward and steadfast guardian of Canada’s vast stores of magnificent natural treasures, maintaining them for the pleasure not only of Canadians, but of the world, and of generations yet to come. Coin design The reverse design of this coin features stylized land, air and aquatic fauna, varieties of flora, as well as a symbolic park building and the silhouette of a hiker framed by a snow-capped mountain range. It is also dated “1911-2011”.


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