Hip Hop & RNB


Rap and sing to your favorite tracks with authority and dance on your moms good furniture.
Reminisce about those classic songs you’ve forgotten about, you’ll be twerking to the sun comes up.
Crown yourself AUXGOD if you win, you’re royalty. Make sure the peasants talk to you nice.
The pack contains over 100 Hip Hop & RNB cards + 15 bonus cards; Pop, Rock & Country. Thousands of song options to play in response to our cards. We did our research, it wont get stale like those other games.



A Card Game for Hip Hop Fans! Use your smartphone to play. One team will act as the judges and draw a card each rough. The two remaining team battle against eachother by playing a song from their phones in response to the card. The team with the best song is awarded a point by the judges.힙합 팬을 위한 카드 게임! 스마트폰을 사용하여 플레이하세요. 한 팀은 심사 위원 역할을 하며 거칠게 카드를 그릴 것입니다. 남은 두 팀은 카드에 대한 응답으로 휴대폰에서 노래를 연주하여 서로에게 대항합니다. 최고의 노래를 가진 팀은 심사 위원에 의해 포인트를 받았습니다.


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