REY INFLATABLES Inflatable Adult Tanning Pool I Suntan Tub – Outdoor Lounge Pool I Adult Kiddie Blow Up Pool I Blowup One Person Personal Pool for Relaxation and Sunbathing

$20.00 $25.00

  • 【 NO POOL? BUT LOVE TO LAY ON THE WATER? 】- Best for the people with no pools near to them but love to lay out and tan on the water without getting overheated. Gives complete comfort to adults while tanning in it and enjoying a sunbath. Just inflate, fill and Relax.
  • 【 COMFORTABLE & PERFECT SIZING 】- inflatable tanning pool has an inside length of 76.5 inches and a width of 29.5 inches that is perfectly fine for almost every adult to drift their care away. Have soft inflatable Floor with middle blows up, that won’t feel the Hard Ground, Lay out in then Tan, Take Sunbath, Read your favorite books.
  • 【 USE ON PATIO, DECK or BEACH】- If you decide to use in the grass use caution as it can cause grass damage. Use a mat or towels below to help to avoid any grass damage
  • 【 PILLOW HEAD with ATTRACTIVE DESIGN 】- Adult lounge pool Comes in a Cool Blue Color with attractive Lining Design on Bottom & Features a comfortable built in pillow for the extra comfort that allows you to lay on your back or stomach & Rest your Arm in the Water.
  • 【MAKE THE SUMMER COOL 】- Once it gets sunny outside it is miserable to try and lay out on the concrete, even if you have a nice chair because it is just TOO HOT! Adult inflatable swimming pool is the best option which can save you and your beloved ones in hot summer days


Inflatable tanning lounge pools are perfect for sunbathing. Inflate and fill with water to the desired depth. Water keeps you cool and comfortable while getting a suntan

One Person Personal Adult Pool is large enough for all body shapes and sizes. Fill it up with water to cover your bottom and sides & dip back.


  • Find and open the Inflation Valves
  • Use Air to Inflate Tanning bed and pillow using electic Pump (not included)
  • , Add water as per your Need


  • Drain out All the Water
  • Open the Valve, Deflate All the Air
  • Completely Dry it with Care and Store it

When it deflates it’s small enough to carry and makes it easy to store for your Next Use

Indoor & Outdoor Blowup Pool
Getting one inflatable swimming kiddie pool is the best choice to have a sun tan tub

Utilize It in Summer
Deflate it and take this portable pool anywhere with you, place it in your garden, backyard or take it to the pool, patio, lake or beach with you.

During the extra hot days, fill the blow-up pool for adults with the cold water or add some ice in it to keep the water cool & Relax yourself

Use it on the Deck/ Patio or in the Water
Multi-use Pool, use them inside the swimming pool because of the floating feature or just simply place it on the ground or deck to use it as Adult Inflatable Swimming Pool


  • Spice up your moments
  • Get the Best Relaxation
  • Helps to keep cool when tanning
  • Fills in Minutes
  • Inflatable & Compact for Easy Storage
  • 76.5” X 29.5”
  • We suggest using it on patio or deck to avoid any grass damage. If using it in grass lay down a mat or towels to avoid any grass damage 


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