Welcome to AQUAZA STORE, where we specialise in some of the most exciting children’s toys on the market.

Established since 2014, AQUAZA store is a authorized distributor of diverse toys for kids. We have made exponential growth offering a choice of exclusive products that can’t be obtained elsewhere. We are very professional and make the whole process a seamless one so, if you are looking for gifts, toys or essentials for your little one, you are in the right place. Make a secure transaction within seconds and take a look at everything we have available for you. Our team are experts in this industry and we always put our customers first.

Our fast-growing company is a result of hard work, great value and the highest quality products available.

Toys for Kids
Our toys for kids reach a worldwide market as we ship to multiple countries, check our shipping details and find out how long it will be until you have your hands on your little one’s favourite toy. Our team are experts in the children’s toy industry and this means that we test for safety, durability and quality.

Online Toys
The new era is about gaining exactly what you need without hassle but you need a reliable source for this. That’s where our e-commerce business comes up trumps with all of the most sought-after toys and even exclusive products that cannot be purchased anywhere else.

Children’s Learning Toys
It’s understandable that you only want the best for your child and that’s why all parents should pick carefully when it comes to toys. We have more than just fun and exciting products, we have a variety that can help your little one interact, learn and build. Find the best learning toys and other products sure to keep your child developing. Our range caters for children of all ages from just month’s old to teenagers.

Children’s Toys for fun Activities
It goes without saying, many of us will be looking for toys for holidays and luckily for you, we have them in abundance. We have holiday themed toys and also kid’s toys for all occasions including birthdays, one-off treats, and christenings and of course Christmas!

Buying toys online has never been easier, peruse around all of our deals and products and find the latest toys online. We often look after our loyal customers, so keep an eye out for the latest vouchers and codes sure to help you save on new products.