Personally Incorrect Expansion 2


  • This is an expansion and not a stand alone game. Expansion Number 2 for Personally Incorrect. Yes, yet again we have tons of horrendous content jam-packed into this box
  • One player reads a Question Card out to the group, replacing “Insert Name” with the name of a person at the table.
  • The other players then pick a highly-offensive answer card from their hand to give to the reader. The reader then reads the card again, one-by-one, filling in the blanks with the provided answers.
  • Once everyone is done pissing their pants laughing, players then vote on the answer they want to win! No dictator B.S. here; every one of the terrible people playing the game gets a say!
  • Players: 5-10/Ages: 18 Plus /Playtime: 20-30 minutes/Contains : 90 Answer Cards, 35 Question Cards, and 1 Set of Rules


You don’t have to be a morally inept ora terrible person to win Personally Incorrect but it certainly can’t hurt.Unlike other lame comparison games that try to be cleverly ‘edgy’, Personally Incorrect was designed specifically so that every round will offend people. Why play a tiring game that makes generic statements? Personally Incorrect attacks the people you are playing with, and no one is safe.


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