Puzzle: 1000 The Brands That Built Britain


About this item

Jigsaw puzzle from the world-famous Gibsons Games

Beautiful iconic art

Great activity for creative minds

Artwork by Robert Opie

Gibsons have been proudly entertaining generations since 1919



For the past 50 years Robert Opie has been finding the pieces that make up the giant jigsaw of British social history His collection is on display at the Museum of Brands in Notting Hill London where the displays give a sense of the evolution of culture and lifestyle since Victorian times The main focus has been on consumer packaged products from crisps sweets and breakfast cereals to drinks biscuits and soap powders The Brands That Built Britain comes in 1000 pieces and features some of our favourite brands that are still around today Take a trip down memory lane as you piece together the vintage packaging of brands such as OXO cubes Kellogg’s Marmite and McVitie’s Like every jigsaw in the Gibsons range The Brands That Built Britain is made from 100% recycled board of the highest quality which means it is a joy to handle again and again


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