Scrub Daddy Dish Daddy Dishwand, 2 Count


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Scrub Daddy Dish Daddy Dish Wand Flex Texture foam head is soft in warm water and firm in cool for more cleaning power sponge. It has a built-in scraper for hard-to-remove foods. The dish wand is free-standing, self-draining base scratch-free. The Scrub Daddy dish wand can be used on common surfaces including glass, non-stick, cast iron, copper, and stainless steel. Scrub Daddy Yellow Smiley face design.
Scrub Daddy Dish Daddy Cleaning Wand free-standing, self-draining base
Scrub Daddy Yellow Smiley Face Design
Built-in scraper
Hook-and-loop system allows for no plastic waste
Peel to remove, press to attach replaceable heads
The dual-seal design prevents leaks
*Independent lab verified.
Unscrew base to add liquid soap. Push to dispense soap. Free standing, self-draining base. Rinses clean and resists odors. Built-in scraper. Attach head so mouth aligns with opening. Scrubbing head’s hook & loop backing has no plastic waste! Peel to remove, press to attach. Do not discard white connector.


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