tonies 01-0197 Hearing Figure Maya The Bee Maya – Mayan Birth of The Birth Multi-Coloured


  • To play the story you have to put the figure on the tonie box
  • The duration is approx. 79 minutes
  • The authors of the story are Waldemar Bonsels and Kai Lüftner
  • This earpiece is suitable for children aged 3 and above.
  • The figure comes with a booklet


Tonies are hearing figures for the tonie box. They make listening touchable, because with them you can use the tonie box. You can also collect them and play with them. To listen to the music, simply place the hearing figure on the sound box. The great audio adventure with the original voices and the music from the TV series “Flutterwingflitzeflug! “, it sounds cheerfully over the meadow when the Maya the Bee with her friend Willi flies around the bet, into new adventures: Willi and Maya must fly through the dark forest at night to find a flower that only blooms in the moonlight. A strange, transparent thing is found in the meadow. A bow tie wants to put its eggs in the most beautiful manure ball that Ben, the manure beetle, has ever rolled. A strict beehive judge assesses the bees, and the Queen is looking for a new royal messenger. But the biggest adventure is how Maja is born and taken out of the beehive to the gossip poppy meadow where she finds her home and her friends: the bitch beetle Ben, the shy rainworm Max, the nuggling snail Rufus, Flip, the grass hopper, and many others. Title List 1. Title Lullaby 2. Majas Birth & The Great, Wide Meadow World 3. Flight hour 4. A wild chase 5. Where is Maja? 6. The bush messenger 7. Race 8. Maya and the moonflower 9. The fireflies 10. Willis bottle 11. The Monster 12. The Mess Ball Competition 13. A new sphere 14. Richter Beeswax 15. May is to be banished


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